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for every dollar you spend, you earn points!


how it works ::

  1. your rewards are earned by points, which is equal to dollars spent (1 point = $1 spent)
  2. our reward levels::
    1. 50 points earned:: free specialty pizza (*offer is valid for one month after earning reward.)
    2. 250 points earned:: $15 cash reward on card
    3. 500 points earned:: $20 cash reward on card
    4. 1000 points earned:: $50 cash reward on card
  3. receive additional rewards & incentives emailed to you thoughout the year
  4. receive a reward for your birthday for a free specialty pizza

*some restrictions apply. points cannot be earned for items already discounted or on special. points cannot be earned on gift card purchases.

*points are rewarded on all purchases, excluding alcohol.