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John Russell Brewing Co.
Peach Street

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You can apply online or apply within at John Russell Brewing Company! All positions include servers, bartenders, kitchen crew & management!

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john russell brewing co.
Brew House & Restaurant

Upper Peach
7520 Peach Street, Suite 101 | Erie, PA 16509
(814) 866-BEER (2337)

Menu & What's on Tap Coming Soon!

What's Brewing?

JOHN RUSSELL BREWING co. opening soon!

The owners of U Pick 6 Pubs & Restaurants have decided to start brewing! With our love of craft beer, the art of brewing has now become a part of our U Pick 6 family! The brewery will be located on Upper Peach Street & I-90, adjacent to our original beer store location, which opened in 2009. Our original U Pick 6 Beer Store will become our New Brew Pub & Restaurant with a new wood-fired brick oven & the same menu as our other locations! U Pick 6 Beer Store will expand & transform into John Russell Brewing Company Brew House & Restaurant!

How did John Russell Brewing Company get its name? The owners, John Melody & Russ Stachewicz, have poured their labor and pride into the craft beer community. It only makes sense to pour a beer with their names on it.

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Meet the Brewer

Meet the Brewer.

Matthew Allyn, Head Brewmaster

Matthew Allyn has been in the Craft Beer Industry for over 20 years. His experience & expertise at well-known breweries as Brewmaster like Erie Brewing Company (Erie, PA), Straub Brewery (St. Mary's, PA) & Founder/Brewmaster of Voodoo Brewery (Meadville, PA). Matt's experience in consulting & brewing in the craft beer industry brings new styles, creative brews & exciting tastes to the table for John Russell Brewing Company & Erie, PA.

Our Beers

John Russell Brewing Co Label pursueyourhoppiness 01

Our IPA is made with a Norwegian style yeast. It is heavily hopped in the kettle for aromatics, very smooth in flavor. Slightly juicy, slightly sweet; also, very reminiscent of North New England style IPA’s, but made on our terms. Made with Citra, Simcoe & Amarillo hops; a plethora of whole leaf, whole flower hops used in our uniquely designed hop back which provides a different hop aroma & flavor.

Brewer’s Highlight:

Utilized our hop back for more aromatics & added flavor

STYLE: Northwestern Pennsylvania IPA
ABV: 6.8%
IBU: 60
COLOR: deep cloudy gold
BITTERNESS: high ( 60 IBU )
FLAVOR: very smooth in flavor, slightly juicy & slightly sweet
AROMA: fruity-juicy
BODY: light to medium

John Russell Brewing Co Label meandjulio 01

Our Mexican Lager is a very clean & crisp lager! It is produced in the traditional way of the lagers of Latin America. Brewed with Sterling hops; which is a hybrid of Chech Saaz & American Cascade hops. Bringing two traditional hops together to create a nice hint of hop flavor to a very refreshing crisp beer.

Brewer’s Highlight:

Traditional brewing technique & use of Sterling hops.

STYLE: Mexican Lager
ABV: 4.2%
IBU: 18
COLOR: light gold
BITTERNESS: low ( 18 IBU )
FLAVOR: very clean & crisp, hint of hop flavor, slight spice
AROMA: slight corn & spicy
BODY: light